Timeworn on Selective Memory

Multi-faceted metal with Timeworn’s Venomous High

Timeworn - Venomous High (Fysisk Format) Is Timeworn’s Venomous High a tech metal album? Is it hardcore? Atmospheric? It is all of these things. The Norwegian

The Black Capes on Selective Memory

The Den of Carnal Pleasures in the Black Capes’ Debut

. The Black Capes - All These Monsters (Dark Tunes) There is that primal urge that lies within all of us. We get this feeling when the


Lea Porcelain on Selective Memory

Lea Porcelain – Remember

Lea Porcelain blends minimalism and jazz-like timing with ambient hues on "Remember" I cannot help but loathe Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” for its sheer placeholder

Zakk Sabbath Unleashes The War Pigs

Zakk Sabbath preps for new limited edition release, Live in Detroit and tour Zakk Wylde is stepping up his Sabbath game with a new album and