Pharmakon on Selective Memory

Pharmakon – Contact (Sacred Bones)

Pharmakon builds a foreboding landscape in Contact When you stare into the tangled weave that is the cover to Pharmakon's Contact, you get a Passolini feel to

Mothership on Selective Memory

Mothership – High Strangeness (Ripple Music)

Mothership releases psych rock freak out with High Strangeness on Ripple Music The original pscyh rock era was not just a means of interpreting the drug


North Atlantic Drift on Selective Memory

North Atlantic Drift – Dream Sequence North Atlantic Drift release video for "Dream Sequence," a part of new release Departures Vol. 1 "We like to joke that we make sounds like a

Baby Blue – Concentrate Baby Blue release video for Concentrate, leading up to an EP release May 25 What started out as a folk project for Melbourne’s Rhea Caldwell, Baby Blue