Jowls on selective memory

Jowls – Cursed

Jowls Cursed (Tiny Engines) ★★★ What’s more painful then pealing the skin off of your own face? The vocals on Jowls’ Cursed. When I came across At The Drive In and the song”Chanbara” on In/Casino/Out, I felt the same with Cedric Bixler to bring a twister of powerful lyrical rants. … Read More ›

Clinic – Free Reign

Clinic Free Reign Domino ★★★★ It has become custom that on every even year since 2000, you can expect Clinic to come out with new tunes that seem to extrapolate and warp the conventionalism of their previous album. And the Liverpool band does not disappoint with Free Reign. Even though … Read More ›