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Gliss: Langsom Dans

Gliss’ Langsom Dans ultimately leaves the listener craving a new heightened audio experience from one track to the next.

Gliss - Langsom Dans (

Being a huge Cure fan since I was a a young teenager, Gliss’ latest release Langsom Dans is the closest I have heard a band come to the early Cure sound of Seventeen Seconds and Pornography (which have always been among my favorite albums). It is plainly evident that while the album has pop undertones the trio of American and Danish musicians Victoria Cecilia, Martin Klingman and David Reiss, inject a heavy dark and brooding sound that is infectious and most notably contagious from one track to the next.

The album opens with deep rumbling drums in “Blood on My Hands,” which then explode into a full blast of pop infusion and wailing vocals; however, the song sadly is over before it begins which begins the journey of the listener needing to hear more. This leads to the next track and one my favorites off the album “A to B” which is an oddly a love song but in true gothic style expresses haunting vocals and dark tones over a pop background. This one contrasting track of dueling male and female vocals is the pure essence and soul of the band and the dueling male and female vocals.

“Into the Water” is another great song and with the vocals and reverb guitar makes the listener actually feel like they are underwater and floating listlessly through the undertow of the ocean pulling you deeper and deeper out to sea. Another highlight track is “Blur” which offers a wailing and crooning vocal that reminds me of Julee Cruise back when she did stellar albums with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti including most notably the Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet soundtracks.

“Haunting” is another track that captures the essence of the band offering pop tunes overlaid with ominous flares of dramatic percussions and keyboards all with awesome vocals provided by Victoria Cecilia. Her voice is also stellar on Jesus and Mary Chain like “The Sea Tonight” which is offers blazing distorted guitars and pop drums which makes this piece one of the greatest off the album with its retro swing feel.

Other tracks of note are the metronomic beats in “In Heaven,” the quite hushes and melancholy of “Black is Blue” and ambient space pop of “Kite in the Sky” which ends the album on a somber note but leaves full on the sonic feast just endured.


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