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Pat Hull Lights a New Path with Upcoming Album

Pat Hull wears his heart on his sleeve. A cliche derivative to the singer/songwriter curricula, but with Pat Hull and his release of Light, it’s proof that this musician is filled with a passion not often experienced from a listener’s perspective. You can walk the walk but Hull has the drive. After graduate school, he wrapped up a trifecta of releases (Forever’s Night, Pat Hull, and Fable Names), all leading up to the album that serves as his genesis. Light came out as an entity with each song corresponding with each other and the album breathing as one.

Releasing in March, Hull has created the follow up to LightShed Skin continues with a sense of renewal. From the beginnings and a youth embraced in the Connecticut landscape to Chico, California and New York City in between, the singer/songwriter has some miles under his belt and it shows in this delectably crafted album. His alto voice soars into realms that will deliver goosebumps and with the help of Jason Beck (percussion/engineer), Sam Clement (2nd guitar/bass), Matt Scott (bass), and Heather Sommerlad (violin), you can expect a full sound to create a solid experience.

Hull will be stopping by The Players Pub in Bloomington on March 4, along with these touring dates:

02.13.13 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
02.14.13 – Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts Theater
02.16.13 – Becket, MA @ Dreamaway Lodge
02.17.13 – Whately, MA @ Mocha Mayas
02.20.13 – Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean
02.22.13 – Montplier, VT @ Haybarn Theater at Goddard College
02.24.13 – Kutztown, PA @ The Independent Space
03.05.13 – Knoxville, TN @ Blue Plate Special

It’s the perfect time to really get to know his music and experiencing it for yourself. I spoke with Hull to learn more about the musician and his upcoming album.

Pat Hull (


When did you begin to pursue music and what did being a singer/songwriter mean to you as well as have an effect on your life?

My interest in music came at an early age as a listener. My parents and older siblings were musicians. I became a lover of melody early on, but didn’t start writing music and performing until I moved to Chico, CA in my early twenties.

When did a music career come into play in relationship with your graduate school studies in California?

Within the two years of getting my graduate degree in Chico, I made 3 albums with the help of a supportive and vibrant music community. I realized my love for creating songs, singing, performing, and collaborating during this time. I never thought of it as a potential career, but just as a fortunate discovery.

How did you adapt to the West Coast cultural lifestyle and bringing that philosophy back to  East Coast ideology, was that an easy transition? Would you say the West Coast was successful for you? Why did you move to Brooklyn, especially when being on the West Coast deemed to be fruitful? How did the break from you band help you and your music?

There was a level of trust on the west coast that aided in my confidence as a person, writer and performer. It was crucial to my growth as an artist/human. The critical audience on the east coast, in particular New York, challenged this comfort and brought a maturity and sophistication to the development of the songs. I moved back east because it was my home, and I knew I could continue writing and performing in New York. The move away from my bandmates in Chico was essential. We boxed ourselves into a sound that had minimal agency for growth and feel.

How did you meet Michael Chinworth and how did the Light sessions come about? 

A mutual friend had us both perform on his record, and afterwards we had a sit down with some of my songs. We realized there was some magic in the blend and harmony of our voices, and it prompted the making of ‘Light.’

What in your life influenced the making of Shed Skin and what does this experience mean for you?

The songs come out of grappling with what is killing and supporting the spirit.

To me, Light feels like a road to redemption while Shed Skin feels like renewal. How do you view between the context of the two? Do you find more similarities between each other or differences? 

Light was the preface to Shed Skin. It built armor for the undertaking of leaping into worlds of new love, which ‘Shed Skin’ encourages .

Do you feel refreshed? Did these albums serve your purpose and where does all of this lie in the context of your career?

I feel exhausted and satiated with serving the purpose of these songs and the record as a whole. JJ Beck, Michael Chinworth, Sam Clement, and Cameron Scott made up the only team that could have given the patience and compassion these songs needed.

An upcoming tour has been scheduled. Tell me a little about your plans for touring? 

We are touring from New York through the Midwest, down through Nashville, and back up to New York. It will last a month, and lead into a move back to Chico, CA, where more west coast touring will take place during Spring.

What’s in store for the future and what would you like to accomplish?

I’d like the future to hold more opportunities to share our live performance and new record. I will be farming in Chico in the meantime.

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