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Fatboy Slim: Big Beach Bootique 5


Fatboy Slim - Big Beach Bootique 5 (

Being an old school techno lover, Fatboy Slim was always one of my favorite artists because I immensely enjoyed both his original compositions as well as his live mix albums either under his Fatboy Slim guise or as his God given name Norman Cook. Either way I was super stoked and ready to take on the challenge of writing a review for a new mix that features a set he played in his hometown of Brighton.

Though the early release we received was a bit choppy in the beginning the rest of the mix is a big boom party house mix with infusions of old school techno favorites by both Fatboy including “Right Here, Right Now,” Praise You, ” “The Rockefeller Skank” and “Sunset (Bird of Prey).” He also mixes in the always relevant Bassment Jaxx ditty “Where’s Your Head At?” as well

The mix also includes newer tracks featuring mixes of LFMAO’s “I’m in Miami Bitch” and Steve Aoki’s “Wake Up Call.” Though the beginning of the album sounds very much like a rehash of old Fatboy Slim stuff, he incorporates big house dance music in almost every track after the third while infusing snippits of the tracks that made him famous. On a side note though, I was a bit shocked that he did not slip “Weapon of Choice” anywhere on the mix but nonetheless, it’s still a solid album from beginning to end.

A few of my favorites off the album are “Get Naked,” “Traction,” and “Kendo” because all three feature the high impact pure techno beat that I thrive on. Each song in its own features both influences of past electronic brilliance infused with pure hard house making each track stand out from the rest of the album.

Big Beach Bootique 5 is a must have for all Fatboy Slim fans new and old. If you have yet to listen to him this joint offers a nice sample of his previous works for a fair introduction into the funk soul brotha’ lifestyle.


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