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Jonas Reinhardt: Mask of the Maker

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Upon first listen of this great album, I am immediately reminded of the synthetic orchestral soundscapes of 70’s through early 90’s Tangerine Dream crossed with the late 90’s ambient music of Future Sounds of London. I am a huge fan of both artist’s music so when I listened to Mask of the Maker I became an instant fan.

The album seems to span the universe with grand hypnotic beats and quirky space trip synth sounds from track to track that hints at pictures in my mind’s eye of space clouds, black holes, whirling planets, countless stars and listless asteroids floating in dead space. I love that the first two tracks “Quick Slab of White” and “Jungle Jah” give an almost 70’s disco funk beat slathered in deep rich synthesized goo making the ear hunger for more and more.

The third track, and first single off the album, “Elimination Street” is another great ditty featuring a surprisingly throw back to 70’s disco, featuring a female vocal adding a mantra chant of “in the City” and “always wanting” which makes the song haunting in its ethereal beauty.

The album then takes a turn forward and an ambient lover’s dream with the sonic brilliance of “Brood and Talk Rot” and “Philos” building up an intensity and majestic crescendo that it leads the listener to the syncopated beats of the following track “Semazen Salem” which has a sort of Moroccan or Middle eastern feel that is beautifully hypnotic and hauntingly delicious at the same time. The next song and only real danceable track of the album is the title track which has a male vocal accompanying an early 80’s synthpop sound structure, but still a great song to get you bobbing your head and tapping your feet to.

Rounding out this stellar album is the heavy beats and space pop feel of “Eccentric Domain of the Supercold” and the electronic reverberation, killer guitar riffs and digital love fest of “Private Life of a Diamond” making it a perfect end to a perfect album.



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