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NAILS: Abandon All Life


There is extreme metal and then there is NAILS. Where most modern extremist simply try to get beyond extreme without imploding, NAILS carefully formulates their aggression with a sense of melodic accentuation.

It does not mean this band pussyfoots around because Abandon All Life is purely brutal. Featuring Taylor Young of Crematourim and John Gianelli from Fell To Low to help main member Todd Jones, you can expect the rawest form of aggression inside. Gone are primal instincts, it’s all pure emotion from here on out. And songs like “Wide Open Wound,” “No Surrender,” and “Cry Wolf” will put your head in a frenzy. It’s like a demon overcame a Minor Threat album and exploded all over the masses like the movie Scanners on repeat.

A song like “Suum Cuique” is more rhythmic on the back end, but an end to an album like this, will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Having Converge’s Kurt Ballou only can help.

The sophomore release for this band proves that NAILS will set precedent within the grindcore genre. And as bands step up to the plate, they will have some big shoes to follow. I can only see NAILS becoming even more enthrawled with their own music and philosophy as we have not seen the best from this band yet.

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