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Kopecky Family Band: Kids Raising Kids

Kopecky Family Band-Kids Raising Kids (

The album title from the debut of Kopecky Family Band reminds me of Superchunk’s Indoor Living or American Analog Set’s From Our Living Room to Yours. Not that the thought of kids raising kids is as comforting, but there is a degree of domestication that subconsciously presents itself here, and maybe it’s that domestication that follows into the sound of the band.

A haunting yet rejoiceful pop sound, Kids Raising Kids is not dangerous, it’s not edgy, it’s not rebellious. It’s a seance to bring back to life the sound of early ‘60s reverb rock and pop perspectives of a now lost era. The band adds in the occasional indie pounce; something that is uneccesary in the context of their style. “My Way” is a song that needs more roots rock built in and less ADD indie hollering.

Because “Are You Listening” is a song that proves this band is doing it right. The soft pop tinges, guitar notes plucked out in a way that want you to remember. The way the vocals compliment each other and the music.

It could be that they set up camp in Nashville’s The Brown Owl that gives a song like “The Glow” a subtle country tinge thanks to a kick drum stomp. What gives a song like this charm is that they never fall into grit and keeps a sense of pop ethos, especially when they venture into folk territory on “Change.” The song is a natural wonder that is more beautiful because of it. I love how gentle the song spins through its fragility, like Carly Simon taking notes from John Denver.

Thousand of miles travelled, Kids Raising Kids wears the miles on their sleeves along with badges of optimism through the unity of each other, who considers each other family. And being that close knit as a group only compliments the power of these songs. Like the band themselves, these songs together form a special bond that you will relate to. Sit back and soak up the essence of this band’s hope.


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