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Moon King: Obsession II


Fast and furious is the only real way I can describe the new EP from Moon King. Obsession II is a gut check of high caliber distortion over rhythmic beats with stellar vocals complimenting chiming keyboards throughout the album. The duo consisting of Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde and have been making music together for most of their lives. It shows with this blistering tour de grunge.

The album kick starts with the high octane “Violence” which throws me back to the mid 80’s Jesus and Mary Chain’s distortion filled ballads of love and sex making the tender balance of vocal emotions feeding of righteous guitar riffs. The next track “Dreamtrap” sounds just as the title would suggests with haunting vocals laid over and ambient keyboards and heavy guitar licks and parleys straight to following Siouxsie and Banshee’s like “Icarus.”

The next track “Appel” is a very slick sounding song with Maddy pulling off and almost Black Francis type vocal style which makes the track feel like you are listening to the Pixies. The EP rounds out with the last two tracks, the melancholy “Almost Blue” and the irreverent poppy “Glass” which ends the album on a definite somber high note. Overall Obsession II is a solid effort by the duo, but it leaves this reviewer wanting more.



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