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Beisbol – Lo-Fi Cocaine (Independently Released)

Beisbol (

Hailing from the great state Oregon, the two Portland brothers Ryan and Jeffery Burian lay down some eclectic tracks as Beisbol on their debut album Lo-Fi Cocaine. Often sounding to this reviewer at times like a less pop and more hip version of Maroon 5 with the high vocals and dramatic guitar licks, the duo offer a surprising reflection of life, love and loss.

The opening track “Big Folk” is purely instrumental genius exploring all facets of musical talent by playing a variety of instruments and setting the overall tone of the album with a dreamy soundscape covered by explosions of beat and keyboards. An almost casual island life feel takes to the forefront in the following track “Nothing Strange,” which features distorted vocals that enhance the emotion the song is trying to portray.

Up next is one of my favorites of the album, “Disappear,” which is very reminiscent of the 1970’s contemporary rock I grew up as a child. This track is well constructed from beginning to end and adds to the complexity of the brother’s artistic integrity and musical range. The 70’s theme continues into following track “That Feeling” which adds a more disco flair to the track during the chorus.

Another gem off the album is “Ready for Something,” which has a syncopated drumbeat covered in chaotic guitar licks and spacey keyboards with those Adam Levine-like vocals that just makes the song catchy from beginning to end. The next three tracks up are the equally interesting “Dead Beats” followed my least favorite songs “Taking It All (Easy)” and “Ecstasy” which are only ok but lacking the luster of the other songs off the album.

“Easier Without It” is very much a throwback to 80’s synthpop with its catchy hooks and blazon keyboards puts the album back on point which sets up the album for the purely focal point on vocals “Is It Over.” While very basic in its musical construction the song is held together by the amazing tenor vocals. Overall I have to say I was impressed with this album, and it is definitely worth more than just one listen.


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