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Body Language – Grammar (Lavish Habits/OM Records)


When I got the assignment to do Body Languages second album I was totally stoked since I was a huge fan of their first album Social Studies. It was evident to me upon the first few minutes of listening to the opening track “The Chasing” that the quartet has matured in both musical production and songwriting. This track is just stellar and it kicks off this high energetic album in the proper way.

If your head isn’t bobbing back on forth while you dance around the house, then the second song “Just Because” will as it harkens back to early 80’s synthpop of Michael Jackson and ABC. I love its fusion of funky beats infused with sultry vocals of Angelic Bess and Matthew Young. The next track I can’t get enough is actually the first single of the album “Well Absolutely.” This is an epically fun song that fits the band so well in its playfulness and complexity. It’s the kind of song you just want to wrap your arms and dance with in till the wee hours of the morning.

Another favorite is “Carillon,” which is unfortunately to short and left begging for a longer version than its 1:36 track time but there is a tremendous bit of brilliance wrapped in this short package. This is followed by the deep and soulful “What’s the Point” that is a great song about the desperation of wanting someone so bad it hurts.  This song pairs well with the funk infused and upbeat “Lose My Head” which features the other end of the spectrum of loss of love and the ultimate heart wrench of breakups.

Other tracks to note is the brilliantly quirky “Lovelife,” the lyrical and musical jelling of “The First,” which highlights how truly deep the band can get while maintaining a fun and energetic flair and the Acapella inspired “The Charm.”

I would have to say Grammar far out weights Social Studies by a long shot. It is a funky, quirky and yet deeply meaningful album right down to its core. This is a definite must have for everyone.



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