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Eat The Gun – Stripped To The Bone (Steamhammer/SPV)

I think where the main pivotal point of not just this album but the band is the direction Stripped To The Bone is heading. But where they are heading, you have to understand where they came.

Hendrik Wipperman, the band’s fuzzy-headed guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter, did something different this time around. He wrote with a bare-boned approach. It was him and an acoustic and stripped down rock songs that had no filler, no power solos, nothing but the fundamentals.

And then the band went from there and added depth, layers, and brought back those awesome power solos Eat The Gun can do so well. I would love to see a release with the versions that show the albums evolution. With that, you would get the full flavor of its development while gaining a better appreciation for the final output.

You cannot deny that Stripped To The Bone is a great rock album. They pull out all the stops: the hooks, the drive, the hunger in the songs. You can feel it in the beat on “The End of the Day,” as it pounds us into submission. And when that chorus hits and everyone comes together for an onslaught, it’s a monstrous experience.

“Loner” takes us to single status. Everything on this song screams hitmaker. From the catchy lyrics that define the outsider, a critical element in metal music, to the big hooks, there is nothing at fault here.

I cannot find any fault with the album as a whole. Stripped to the Bone is a lush rockapade that will satisfy any level of rock fan. The songs contained are never over exposed, nor are they over pretentious. It’s good, honest songwriting that feels liberating.



Andrew Duncan
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