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The Breathing Effect – The Breathing Effect EP (Alpha Pup)

An oddball release for Alpha Pup (but then again, what is a “normal” release for Alpha Pup), The Breathing Effect looks more toward the jazz continuum to fuel their self-titled EP and that is a very cool thing, to say the least.

What sometimes sound like you are listening to XM’s Watercolors, the five songs explore depth and beauty with vibrant and cool rhythmic drive. Add electronics to the ‘60s and ‘70s jazz serenades and you have something awe-inspiring and futuristic that lies somewhere between Lonnie Smith and Jon Carpenter.

Eli Goss and Harry Terrell are both music students who have come together to embelish their skills with exploratory results. The two (Goss handles the keys, synths, and production while Terrell controls the bass and drums) fashion their music after mood and not so much motion. The balance here being the colorful textures of jazz infused with the isolationist of ‘70s analog synth structure.

Sometimes funky while being meditative as explained in “Splatter Art,” while “Reflections” drapes over a glorious calm overshadowed by an underlayment of vinyl scratches like we are visiting the ghosts of our past, these songs create a fascinating language you can get lost in over and over again.

“Losing My Mind” is the only song I am disappointed in. It’s the only vocal track on the album that diverts our attention from the cool ‘70s fantasy the rest of the album portrays. It ends up sounding like someone trying hard to create an Aloha track or be progressively indie. Without it, you have an amazing instrumental experience.



Andrew Duncan
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