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Adrian and the Sickness – Be Your Own Savior

With a somewhat sassy sultriness to her voice, Adrian Conner delivers an eclectic mix of songs on her new album, Be Your Own Saviour. Adrian is no stranger to rocking out as she also plays lead in the AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Belles, however, on this album she infuses high doses of pop with her brand of alternative rock.

The album begins with a short instrumental piece “Blue Space” that reminds me a lot of sleep assisting CD’s that were popular in the 90’s. “Tightropes ‘n Taboos Final,” “Can’t Breathe” and “Dark Force” provide some good harder rock to counterbalance the more pop influenced “Turn Off Your TV” and “We Got It All.” “In My Hands” is more a mix of hard rock with pop that actually blends the styles pretty well. “We Were Good” is a haunting acoustic number of longing and loss that showcases a higher range of Adrian’s vocal ability. “Hold Please” is one track that has me scratching my head as I just don’t get it or its purpose on the album. This track is a weird instrumental with some dialogue that sounds like it came from a sitcom such as I Love Lucy.

The standout for me is “Take The World.” I am a huge fan of 80’s movies and this song sounds like it could have come straight from an 80’s soundtrack. I don’t mean this in a bad way, quite the contrary. In the 80’s, the soundtracks were just as important as the movie itself and that is a quality I miss in today’s cinema. I could easily see this track playing out over end credits of a movie like The Secret Of My Success, so with that it is hands down my favorite.

While I still have mixed feelings on this release, I think fans of bands like Concrete Blonde and Halestorm should find Adrian and the Sickness an intriguing listen.


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