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Vintage Blue Releases First Official Video for Upcoming EP

Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue has been busy! The Chicago group is in the midsts of releasing a new EP (due out April 29), as well as a series of live gigs that stretch down into Indianapolis for a stop at Birdys on April 25. The support for the new EP has been outstanding, raising $15,000 for it. The results will be well worth it as the band poured forth more depth and energy to create one of their finer moments yet. To help celebrate, the band released their first official video for “No Going Back,” the title track of the EP.

Check it out below and  read on as the band talks about the production, the new EP and their stop this week on the north side of the city.

Official Site
Birdys Bar & Grill

Tell me about the new video for “No Going Back” and how that came about? What was your experience like?

The one thing our band had not done yet was film an official music video. We spent months checking out directors, production companies and people who worked on music videos for other bands. When we sat down with Rhapsody Productions here in Chicago, we knew we had the right people. Ryan, one of our songwriters, had this idea of a black and white video that slowly adds color as the track moves along. Kyle and Becki at Rhapsody loved it and we immediately started coming up with some good ideas. We eventually added the idea that we should have a piece of art incorporated into the video to help tell the story. That piece of art eventually became our album cover!!!

This comes from the title track of an upcoming EP to be released later this month. What are some of the highlights of the upcoming EP?

On this EP we made a concerted effort to grow and adapt into a more current “indie rock” sound. We focused on bands and tracks that we really like from the last few years and tried to take elements and cues from current trends in music to adapt into our own style of writing and performing, all while staying true to our roots of solid harmonies with a bit of horns. Right now we have a video out for “No Going Back,” and the first single from the record “Alone (I Can Hear)” is being pushed to commercial AAA radio around the country. Just last week we broke the top 200 for national airplay, which was pretty cool! 

Why an EP versus full length?

At first we did not intentionally make a decision to do an EP. However, when you start putting all the songs that we were considering into a vacuum, you start to see what songs work together from an overall perspective. We made it our goal to create a piece of art that stands on its own, with a consistent and driving vision. In the past couple years since our last record we worked through over 60 songs and these were the songs that we felt were the strongest of the pack. We simply did not want any fluff on this record. We wanted each song to be strong, such that someone could put it on random and find pleasure in whatever song they ended up on. We are very confident that we reached that result!

What is the premise of the songwriting and why title it “No Going Back?”

The premise of this EP is, in a word or two, thought-provoking. Each of the songs have a very deep meaning that revolves around the theme of interpreting memories of those lost and the meaning of love and life generally. There is also a sense, in many of the songs, that there are elements of losing hope and finding it again in the little things in life. We chose “No Going Back,” because in many ways that is how a band works. Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger, and no matter what happens in life, you can never go back and repair the pain or loss, or the mistakes that you have experienced.  In that way, we intended to make a profound statement in this record, saying that we are ready to move to a new level musically, no matter what has happened previously.

Birdy’s has become a home away from home as it seems to be your Indianapolis staple. What can we expect this time around?

When you head out on the road for shows, the best thing that can happen is that a venue treats you and your fans well, and is welcoming and accomodating. Jeff at Birdy’s has been awesome to deal with, and although it may not have the prestige of other venues in Indy, we feel that the staff and sound are AWESOME. So why wouldn’t we go back? We have had a great experience there and don’t see any reason to change unless Lucas Oil becomes available. Haha. What you will get from our show is fun, great music, some excellent humor and a collection of feel-good, danceable music that you will find yourself humming for the next week or two! Come party with us!

What do you have planned for the rest of 2014?

2014 is a big year for us. We have a lot of hopes pinned on this EP. We think the songs on are on the next level for us, and we look to take our show on the road to as many new cities as we can. We have a little East Coast visit planned and still hope to make our way back to California at some point. On top of that, we are hopeful that our radio campaign will result in some new fans and good exposure around the country. We have already seen our local alternative station take on our EP release show on May 2nd at Metro. We are stoked!

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