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Godflesh – Decline & Fall (Avalanche Records)

Godflesh - Decline and Fall

I never thought I would see the day where I would experience new material from Godflesh. We used to beat the shit out of Streetcleaner and scare the hell out of people by turning it up real loud during peak hours overseeing a local haunted house. The look of shock from this torturous device that burned holes in the ears of uneducated youth whose only experience on music was Top 40 dribble was a delight. We did get the occasional compliment from someone cool or weird enough to appreciate the industrial revolution at the time. Even Pure brought out disturbed stares from the deconstructive krautrock-like repetitiveness under the supervision of massive strength and power. I will say many nights in the autumn, I would go home with the sound of Godflesh in my head and tracers of strobe lights flashing under my eyelids long after sleep hit me.



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Despite the extreme usage of Godflesh as a means to a terrifying end, I always enjoyed their music. It was difficult to get over that distinctive metallic and cranked-out industrial sound. It’s something as simple and organic as what Big Black did, but serves as an apocalyptic sterilization to many of the other industrial bands who coincided with them at the time.

Decline & Fall is no different. It feels like after all of these years, the complacency of knowing this band can still bash out the same structure and still feel relevant is as comforting as a warm blanket . . . set on fire . . . and wrapped around some explosives that go off . . . in a metal cylinder.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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