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Energy Slime – New Dimensional (Mint Records)


Energy Slime is that clutzy friend who has enough charisma to get by with being eccentrically cool. Their songs are clunky, filled with imperfections inside a haze of indie prowess. The levels are off, the production is unclean, and it is all a glorious success.


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The louder you turn it up, the more blemished it gets. Analog fuzz clouds your judgment, Jay Arner’s vocals are just enough to carry a hallucinatory tune like “Bustin’ Up” through, but maintains a mystery with a post punk gaze to make his achromatic vocal tones feel poignant.

“Gas in A Bag” is a pop masterpiece that wanders the stratosphere like someone turning a Bill Nye lecture into a Vine video with Schoolhouse Rocks as background music. It’s quick, to the point, and dizzying in effect. It does not help that it is followed by “Graham Fucks the Queen,” which is even more dizzying to the core. But even this fantastical landscape feels like a snapshot as New Dimensional shoots quirky quibs that could be misconstrued as pompousness, when in the end, it’s all founded on absurdity. 10 songs crammed into 13 minutes. It’s chaotic. But isn’t that life? This duo (Jessica Delisle teams up with Arner) are just more creative at making it stick.

In the album, you hear bits of the ‘80s Sheffield movement intermingled with estranged Fairport Convention meets All Night Radio, all hovering around the listener like an out of body experience. When Delisle gets a hold of the mic for “Cool Ship II,” it’s like you are hallucinating and some concoction of Blondie just walked in the room. My mind! Those synths! What a rendezvous!

Their aging equipment only makes New Dimensional feel that more psychedelic, if not modular. This Vancouver band does not really fit in anywhere, and that is a good thing because this album deserves to stand out on its own. Do you want to get weird? Let’s get weird and let this band’s bedroom pop demeanor turn you on.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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