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Lagwagon – Hang (Fat Wreck Chords)

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Here we are again. It’s time for another Lagwagon release. It’s impressive that these group of guys continue to churn out punk at this caliber and still manage to sound energetic and activistic. How long can this beat go on? How long will they keep it up at this speed? It’s been nine years since they blew our ears and knees out with their raucous Resolve, which became a homage to late drummer Derrick Plourde. And listening now, it appears the group have drank the unicorn blood and are immortal in the preservation of the speed punk spirit. This band refuses to slow down!


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Between releases, singer Joey Cape did not slow down, writing like mad not only for the future of Lagwagon, but also for his solo projects. With a new bass player Joe Raposo in the lineup and a refreshed band, Hang sounds like a rekindled youth. The songs are impressively fast pace and the production of the album is one of the more rich sounding releases from the band.

After a while of digging through this album, the songs start to get intermingled with a lot of repetitious styles. But that is punk and what they do, they do really well even after 22 years and seven albums.

The good in this album? “The Cog in the Machine” is just a great power punk song from the band with excellent lyrics. Both exploratory with balls, it’s just a great jam while being diverse within itself.

“Drag” is also a highlight of it. Sincerity by rallying the troops, Cape melodically sings, “We have to fight for it.” You hear elements of Bad Religion and NOFX in their, but what outshines that is a sense of originality. The more you listen to these songs, the more they stand out. And with that, the more you listen to this, the more it grows on you.

I never realised how much I missed Lagwagon until I heard Hang.

Andrew Duncan
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