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My Brother The Wind – Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One (Free Electric Sound)

My Brother The Wind, Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One, Selective Memory, 2014

I love it when bands can pull something like this off and My Brother the Wind really hits the nail on the head. The concept goes like this. The band goes into the studio one blustery day in January 2013. They spend the day recording, and they walk out at the end of the day with a finished product. That’s right, Once There Was A Time When Time and Space Were One was recorded in one day with no overdubs. This is as raw and in-the-moment as you can get, and it is all spectacular!




Psychedelic rock is a petrie dish that fosters experimentation and growth through the nature of mind expansion. For the Sweden instrumental group, there had to be several practice sessions to get things laid out and planned for the event. There is structure on this release. These are indeed songs, albeit some clock in at over five minutes with one clocking in at over 10. But nothing can prepare them for the mood and atmosphere that is presented on tape. I would be curious what led up to this event and how they decided this was the day to do it. Did they have certain criteria that had to be met in order to walk into the studio and start recording?

The band does implore stops between songs.The entire album could have been one continuous jam, but they did not see it that way, which I think is better for this album. “Song of Innocence” is in two parts and two distinctive parts, not one elongated cosmic rocker. The poignancy is clear between Part 1 and Part 2. But the hallucinatory effect of spanning worlds is just as immediate. You will lose your mind in the billowing sound of guitars rolling in.

Close your eyes and “Into The Cosmic Halo” is one of the greatest Can songs Can never wrote. It’s driving repetition just makes you want it to go on for infinity. “Garden of Delights” is a 12-minute trip. Maybe influenced by Bosch, you listen to the song and things are not as they seem. Guitars drunkenly slur notes and the air is thick with the haze of raw primordial nature. My Brother The Wind has gotten to the core of rock and roll. We have reached the genesis and the Garden of Eden is a as mysterious as its interpretation.

The title track broods in its own ambience. The smell of the wood that crafted the music, it’s a global relationship of earth to human with an “Epilogue” that is as proud in the movement of time, all of it fading into a memory.

My Brother The Wind

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