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Strategy – Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid (Field Hymns)


I watched L.A. burn down today; silicon and botox were set aflame in a mass glory of Hollywood plastic death and cheap perfume as the hills peered down at the flames bursting into the night. It really was one building, but that building was the size of a city block. Even Mulholland Drive could have shed its darkness from the flames fanning Downtown.

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Post apocalyptic strangeness. Frequency left in the silence. A now unexplored terra nova. What was once familiar is a little farther away. I pair this post-apocalypse with Strategy’s misaligned ambient project. This is music from the outside looking in.

Strategy is greatly matched and nestled in nicely to the Field Hymns roster. A more rigid project than he is known for, the frequency music taps into the electrical current crowd. Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid is not just a soundtrack for the unfamiliar, it is a piece of art installation.

Cerebral Hut is a kinetic installation that works with an interface that measures brain frequencies and turns them into a reactive environment and explores the relationship between architecture, movement and human thought,” this taken from the website.

The music gives us a floorboard view of hovering sounds and pulses. Four songs, over 6 minutes long in length (some stretching 10), the album goes by quick. What you hear is something the really is not ambient for the ambient crowd as it is electronic music for the electronic crowd. It’s the sounds that are made behind the scenes. Strategy takes a look at what is under the hood and extrapolates them.

“Off The Grid” sounds like the sounds in space mirrored by a deep conversation of artificial intelligence bound by O’s and 1’s. We know it is important, but we cannot discertain just how important it is because within the framework, we don’t understand. It’s lethargic low in makes it feel hypnotic.

“The Swamp Revisited” is the other massive song of extreme minimalism and textured electronic layers beaming down from outer space. It’s an album that will stream in and out of your consciousness. You may even forget that it’s playing in the background. What you can feel is the pulsating reverberations of a low-level hum and accents of what feels like life from within the music. From the deep sea to the deep space to the deep crevices of your mind, Strategy has found a way to put it down on music and let us experience this incredible journey.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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