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NOFX – Backstage Passport (Fat Wreck Chords)

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Back in 2008, there was a show called Backstage Passport that documented NOFX on a tour around the globe, exhaustingly venturing to places many bands would not normally play and in doing so, they saw the belly of the beast in touring. This is a band who has been everywhere a few times over, so to hit those exotic oasis just puts icing on the cake for the band.


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Until now, fans of the band could only get snippets of these songs through the show, but now Fat Wreck Chords has compiled music from both Season 1 and Season 2 of the show. You get the absurd, the cockiness, and the sarcastic all wrapped up in a usual NOFX collection.

The theme song is nice, giving a brief history of the band like it’s a goddamn musical. They spin the weave that they once were snot-nosed kids and now they have mortgages and families. So they did what many other musicians do… film a reality TV show. It’s a fun song, really!

After that, we get a breakdown of various tunes that either encapsulate what NOFX stands behind, “No Fun In Fundamentalism” and “Greatest Country in the World” to distinct songs that are reactions to events from the show, “Insulted By Germans (Again)” and “All My Friends In New York.”

The music is exactly what you would expect from a NOFX album. The song and sarcastic message remains the same. However, because this album is an after effect based directly from instances that compliment experience, the music and lyrics tend to flow from that. Will these songs be enhanced based off of what you see on the show? Probably. Can they stand alone? Probably. But by giving them distinct identities from a television program, it does feel like their sarcasm is not as poignant unless you know the story behind it. But primarily, many of these songs, be it anti-social or anti-government or anti-stupid people will hit the mark and it gives you a NOFX album that is as snappy as you hope for it to be.

Andrew Duncan
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