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Human Brother – Back to Music (Self-Released)

JD Schultz, human brother, selective memory

JD Shultz aka “Human Brother,” is doing exactly what his album title says; he is getting back to music. In 2010, he released Vision Days on the Life Ride. In between, he resides in Los Angeles as a multi-talented creative individual, constantly working on some project in some kind of artistic medium.



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His refocus on music comes back as a strong-willed writer with a confident album filled with a blend between New Wave synthpop and guitar rock flirtation. In reality, you hear a lot of The Faint in this music without the aggression. But that’s just a basis to go off on. 12 songs and this album is a chunk as each song goes as deep and fulfilling as you can imagine.

His music has been bled into the likes of Las Vegas’ hotel the Bellagio and Guitar Center has used his work. An underground project that is not so underground, it shows from within the tone and mood of how his writing style is presented.

The jangle of “Made of Light” is very Aztec Camera-infused without the charm of Roddy Frame. Shultz sounds more like Mark Eitzel minus the desperation with the way his nasal tone transpires. Okay, enough name dropping, the album is diverse.You go from acoustic-synth balladry of “Be True To Yourself” like it was 1982 all over again to the neon dance moves of “Viking and the Fairy.” This is a great contrast, but looking at the big picture, Shultz works best when he has a lot of flashiness going on in his music. It is Los Angeles after all.

human brother, selective memory

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