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Alpha Tiger – iDentity (Steamhammer / SPV)

alpha tiger, identity, selective memory

Today kids we will take a look at the album iDentity from Alpha Tiger. Coming to us from Freiberg in Saxony (Germany) and delivering some wickedly good speed/power metal, iDentity is Alpha Tiger’s third release, and the one in which they have seemingly found their own identity in the metal world.



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Opening up with a track simply titled “Intro”, which is a thirty some second music piece you can honestly just hit skip and get right into the meat of the album with “Lady Liberty,” heavy on the guitars of Peter Langforth and Alexander Backasch and vocal hooks of Stephan Dietrich.

We next jump right into “Scripted Reality.” Now this is what I’ve come to expect from German metal. With heavy guitar riffs that would even impress early metal trailblazers Accept, everything clicks on this track, guitar lines, percussion, vocals, it is really a perfect metal song. What is really notable in this is during the guitar solo, when most other instruments hide shyly in the background, the percussion and bass of David Schlief and Dirk Frei, are heavy and loud right along with the solo making it sound even more amazing.

The title track is very similar to “Scripted Reality.” Strong on all accounts with some vocal layering that reminds me a lot of Helloween, especially in the super melodic chorus. This is followed by the straight up guitar driven “We Won’t Take It Anymore” and the super anthemic “Revolution In Progress.” These are the kind of tracks that several who have come before strived to achieve.

When “Closer Than Yesterday” begins, you think to yourself, “here we go, another weak ass piano driven ballad”. Don’t worry, this quickly turns into an explosively heavy power ballad with balls! It is good to see ballads making a comeback, but only when they are delivered hard and with attitude, of which this track has both.

iDentity is old school metal done right. Listening to this release makes me want to break out a leather jacket, ripped jeans and bullet belt and leaves me wondering why music like this ever faded away. The vocals of Stephan Dietrich are this cool hybrid species, containing the harmonious melody of Geoff Tate, high range best of Bruce Dickinson with occasional glimpses of the hardcore edginess of Roger Miret. A bands third album is usually the make or break album. Well, I haven’t heard the first two from Alpha Tiger (Man Or Machine, Beneath The Surface), but based on this release, this is a “make” album and is definitely a worthy addition to any metal collection.

alpha tiger, selective memory

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