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Senses Fail/Man Overboard – Senses Fail/Man Overboard (Pure Noise Records)

Senses Fail, Man Overboard, Selective Memory

Reverend Horton Heat and Supersuckers did it years ago where they released a split seven inch that paired the two in rock and roll harmony. In it each band covers the other, and the results are fantastic. Senses Fail and Man Overboard did the same thing, a first on several levels for Senses Fail.


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Man Overboard starts the A side with their own montage of frustrated punk and polite teenage bomp. In it you can imagine the drummer beating skins like he is in some arena o-facing all over the place. There is a sense of desperation without resolution involved in this song and it bugs me. It’s like the the punk equivalent to “Let It Go.”

The second is the cover of Senses Fail’s “Cute When You Scream,” a logical selection for this band and a more impressive immediacy to the hardcore antics this song boasts. It forces Man Overboard to go up a couple notches.

“All You Need Is Already Within You” is perfect and sweaty Senses Fail hardcore that is meaty in every aspect. You can feel the rhythms weighing down on you with a burly power that thick. If this seven inch is worth anything, it’s for this song. You want to unleash some aggression and need the hardcore punk fuel, look no further.

The Man Overboard cover of “Real Talk,” takes Senses Fail down a couple of notches from the aforementioned song, but it adds up to the equivalent to Man Overboard covering Senses Fail. The song spins a more pop twist and screamo results in the fashion of a bipolar lyrical impression. What Man Overboard does is just makes Senses Fail look that much better.

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