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CDC – End (Get It Right Records)

CDC, End, Selective Memory

End is the effects of a band who has poured blood and sweat into their DIY ethos and churned out East Coast blue collar ethics when it comes to hardcore. Not seeing an album from the band since 2009, the trajectory of End is more of a new beginning for the band than an exodus from the hardcore scene as thought of from the surface. And beyond the band, End breathes new life into a hardcore community that still thrives to this day.



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Spending more time on the stomping ground than the fast riffing many hardcoreists try to monopolize on, CDC will instantly raise an eyebrow with a more gritty approach The title track is merely an introduction into “Degeneration”, but the song will have your heartbeat up. A terminology that has been in the punk scene since it’s infant years, “Degeneration,” takes on a more post-apocalyptic approach for this band. It’s survival after the fall as I am not sure exactly what effect this song has as a protest module for the ruling class. Brooke Schwartz spits out lyrics that make it sound more like a street fight with words than a call to arms. A “let’s duke it out” mentality to problem solving, “Eyes and Teeth” take a more metal approach to their mind and spirit view with crunching guitars and a progressive rhythm that feels like they bond more with Agnostic Front than Brand New.

I love the group’s street antics. I love that they are not afraid to get dirty and become as much as a fan for their music as the fans themselves. I love that End digs into the trenches of East Coast mentality and comes up for air with both arms swinging. Let’s hope we end up hearing more from this group as six year lapses are far too long.

CDC, Selective Memory

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