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Brainchai/Ilkae – Athena (Field Hymns)

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A rarity for the Field Hymn universe, the label brought together Eirik Suhrke (better known as Brainchai), and Aaron Munson (also more aptly known as Ilkae) together to release a split release titled Athena.


Link: Field Hymns

The two musicians work well together and blend nicely into one complete package. Brainchai is the more jittery one, burning EDM music like someone writing a thesis after an evening binge of espresso chugging. The abstract viewpoint taunts at dancefloor ethics as he merges popular beat in with minimal industrial hymns like on “Sensory Fog,” or lethargic bounce on “Setroyed.” If you want to side with the anti-hero, now is the time.

Ilkae is more prompt in his delivery and more elusive in his electronics, but it all is the diet coke fizz in a futurist reality. You hear sounds the are engaging and that alone is enticing to let these three songs of his burn up in the atmosphere.

A duality that is more alike than opposites, and a fine collaboration into the soundtrack of the 2045 club as both musicians look well into the future no matter where that present may lie. House music seems easy compared to this and nowhere near as eloquent a statement fueling arthouse interpretive establishments cover coated in a metallic film of machinery.

Andrew Duncan
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