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Storytelling with Mike Tramp

On June 7, Mike Tramp made a visit to the Firehouse BBQ and Blues in Richmond Indiana, a venue that he has visited on each of his last three tours. I will say, if you go see Mike Tramp looking for a reliving of the White Lion days you will be disappointed. But don’t worry, that disappointment quickly turns to elation when you discover all the wonderful material that he has done since those days. I had never seen Mike’s solo show and after sitting through his sound check earlier in the afternoon, I was eagerly anticipating the show as the sound check was remarkable.


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This evening with Mike Tramp was a rather intimate one. Just Mike, his guitar and the hundred or so people in attendance. I was quick to learn that aside from having an incredible singing voice, Mike was a storyteller as well as a comedian as he told stories between each song to give a perspective of where many of the songs came from. Everything from the touring days of White Lion, pranking Ronnie James Dio, revisiting the eighties through unopened boxes and current visits to the Wal Marts of America at 3:00 in the morning were discussed, often bringing much laughter from the audience.

While Mike did step into the past and performed “Little Fighter”, “Wait”, and “While The Children Cry”, the majority of the material was from Mike’s later solo work. Songs such as “Cobblestone Street”, “Trust In Yourself”, “Hymn To Ronnie”, and “Mother” really showed the expanse and brilliance of Mike as a singer/songwriter. Luckily, Mike was gracious enough to let me film some of the show, so if you watch any of the attached video you will be able to see this for yourself. This one man show went on for nearly two and a half hours and was one of the best acoustical performances that I have witnessed.

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