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Fine Points – Hover (Dine Alone Records)

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I love San Francisco’s Sleepy Sun. Embrace was one of my top picks in 2009, instantly blowing minds from the album cover down to the songs themselves. Then they released album after album of indie pop brilliance.




In comes Fine Points. The debut emanates from members of Sleepy Sun. So you can instantly imagine just how good Hover is. In fact it is not just good, Hover is goddamn excellent!! Everything about it is smooth, concise and written with exceptional care. You can almost feel the band wrap up a song and say, “Yep, that’s it! That’s the one!” Except for this album, it’s every, single song stemming from moment after moment of pop enlightenment.

“Just Like That” turns into “Painted Fox” and you almost forget you are listening to an album, but one piece of flawless beauty. Fine Points have tapped into the aura of The Byrds via the 21st Century. “These Days” is not just weightless, but it is climateless. Listen to it in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter and it will mean something to you and the environment you have put yourself in. The harmonies, the melodies, and the mysticism gives an infatuation that I have not felt since I started to discover music. It’s a bold statement, but I stand by it.

This may not be an expansive review, but I could write all day sounding like the biggest cheerleader for this band. I cannot express this enough, Hover is an essential album that should not be ignored. Go pick it up today, and you will not be disappointed!

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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