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Big | Brave – Au De La (Southern Lord)

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Big | Brave has returned with an expanse that sends trembles down the mountains and splits the artistic divide between crushing epic instrumental cadence and seance with the ghosts of the natural world. What this band does for their second full length is something bigger than all of us. It’s not so far fetched that you cannot grasp the entire world of Au De La. It is an album that is digestible. There are only two songs that break the 11-minute mark. “Look At How The World Has Made A Change” morphs like shadows moving through light. It’s as if The Pain Teens survived a zombie apocalypse. I would rather incorporate these songs into the aura of the Fallout game because in a brazen environment, this makes sense.



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On “…”, the band strikes their best Lydia Lunch sharp-wit tongue and picks at the listener like an interrogator with a light. It’s a slashing punk eye opener that would have sent CBGB guests into a wide-eyed state of shock.

The highlight of Au De La is “And As The Waters Go” as it encapsulates the best of everything Big | Brave does. Their dismal ambient orchestration is as organic as the mysteries of the forest. The sound is very non-linear and breathes with poignant volume interruptions that act as a defibrillator to the system. It does not scare the shit out of you like something Faultline would do and then immediately laugh at you. Big | Brave is making a point, and they do it well.

And about the other post-11 minute song? “(re)Collection Part II” does not do well to give you re-assurance that all is right in the world. A meditative piece amongst catastrophe. The band has succeeded in capturing the soundtrack to the end of the world. With a Godflesh rhythm and tempo, each thud of the percussion is a blow to the face. The impact is. . . well, you should be the one to experience that for yourself. Turn out the lights, if you dare. That is, if you enjoy ending up in a white room with early Sonic Youth tearing at your seams.

Andrew Duncan
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