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Editors – In Dream (Play It Again Sam)

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After four years, Editors returns like a mysterious fog of demeanor and grandeur. Their new release, In Dream is an elegant, graceful and philosophical monument to the band’s career.



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Four years later, a new line-up and a preconceived notion to be an exalted rock band with the finesse of The Damned and the density of Spiritualized, the band takes you into dark places no ordinary human should enter. That’s where The Weight of Love lies, and Editors prove they are more human than human exposing themselves with true transparency in lyrical prose and expansive orchestration. This is a band who in 2013, broke through their limitations. Life, spirituality and mortality never felt so sobering.

Now comes In Dreams. The line-up solidified with Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams standing alongside Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay. Isolating themselves in the countryside and no real game plan beyond the unadulterated need to create, this is the result. “Forgiveness” is one of their shining moments on this album. The song seems simple enough to digest, but the soft layering and flow of this song really taps into your core like butterflies hitting your stomach. In today’s political climate, this never felt more poignant: “The line in the sand ain’t drawn for everyone. The flag in your hand don’t make you American. Stripping your soul back, be forever young, forever young, forever young.” It’s most of what Bowie has professed in 40 years down to three lyrical lines.

The band moves from playing with dynamics in “Salvation” to narrowing down the song to a lyrical story like wide-eyed kids intrigued under fire light. It’s a feeling of hope to hear “All The Kings”, looking back and feeling a rekindled spirit of youth as we can say we lived through it all and even if it was burning around us. We did it. We pushed through.

And without replicating the moment Bronski Beat created with “Runaway,” Editors’ “Life Is A Fear,” mimics the innocence and the fragility ‘80s synth rock proselytized into a religion. The song is a cynosure to a time of uncertainty fueled by a time now of uncertainty.

In Dreams is a testament to life. No matter how dangerous or deep this band has to trudge through to make a statement, they do so with reverence and bravado. The great Editors moment is yet to come, but this album opens up the gamut just a little more than before and gives us some direction on the new era of this band and what they can accomplish.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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