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Cheatahs – Mythologies (Wichita Recordings)

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The second album to the Cheatahs discography comes to us like a spectacle; a glistening musical orb that sucks us into an internal vibrancy of philosophical splendor. What Mythologies does is much like the concept of the Classic Western. Their writing is as much cosmic as it is believable. It is epic poetry for our generation.



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Sure Cheatahs latest is partly rinse and repeat from their debut album, but I say that with the best compliments because I would not want it any other way. This album is a complete delight that becomes a glorious daydream to our psyche. Using Roland Barthes as an inspiration, the penchant for communication from every facet of these songs to the listener is brave as their intention is strong. Memory becomes inspiration as everything about this album is on a meta scale of expression that transcends boundaries from the world we know to the distant past where music was presented as ritual.

There are two spectrums to Mythologies with both perspectives feeding into each other. One of my favorite songs on the album, “Freak Waves”, really exemplifies this band taking a catchy pop foundation, upping the effects pedal and adding in a punk alternative buzz to it all. It’s a song that makes you long for the 120 Minutes days of guitar swirl and stoned lyrical gaze. The Sonic Youth-esque dissonance really gives the song an aesthetic and euphoria that is defines a heightened state of awareness.

“Murasaki” adds synths into the equation to create a sound once discovered by bands like Television Vamp or The Only Ones with an added decadence by the British shoegaze phenomena of the ‘90s. The song instantly gave me the same feeling when I first took a dive into a Cabaret Voltaire album minus the desperate immediacy. What “Murasaki” does is show that this band can float amongst the universe like an effortless apparition like starlight shooting out of comets. If the galaxy had a voice, I would hope it sounds like this. The persistency of the tempo sets this band in motion.

The glory about Mythologies is its sheer creativity. As you walk away from listening to this album, you will feel a heightened awareness that has worked on every one of your senses. This band is highly recommended.

Andrew Duncan
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