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Like Moths To Flames – The Dying Things We Live For (Rise Records)

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Like Moths To Flames returns with their third release. Fans of the band will appreciate its characteristic intensity. Their album single is a quick way to dive into this record and really get to know what The Dying Things We Live For is all about.



The second song on the album, “Thrown To The Wind” is a quick fire combustion of high energy, fist-clenching speed riffs as these melodic metallers get up in your face and into your minds. You feel the dust storm emitting from a circular chaos of their rhythmic power. The melodic side of the chorus is the best they have blended on this album in the curriculum of their career as sometimes the distinction to emotive vocal melodies and pure guttural roars is a great divide. But for this song, the two only exemplify each other in the best way possible. And the more I hear this song, the more I feel connected to it. I only wish the power crunch at the end lasting a lot longer because I would be getting whiplash from the muscle they exemplify.

Within 10 massive tracks on this album, the production exceeds previous efforts while everything feels like it is upped to an extreme. Their plan of attack with these songs are more succinct. This is a monument for now not-so-new guitarist Jeremy Smith to shine. His work on this album is intense as well as technically brilliant to where his part of the band is flawless to the rest.

Although every song roughly follows the three-minute rule, there is a lot going on as they pack as much into each song. They waste no time with changing things up at the spur of the moment or changing directions within a blink of an eye. Don’t expect anything but a well tamed melodic metalcore album from a group of guys who are coming closer to mastering their craft.

Andrew Duncan
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