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God’s Hate – Violent Procreation


The cover art to God’s Hate upcoming album Mass Murder, due out February 5 on Closed Casket Activities, looks like a meme in the making with a collage of patriotic themes being burned though apocalyptic visions, civil disobedience and the dark side of American life in the 21st Century. The music is an internal combustion engine of hyper-reality fueled by hardcore muscle.

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Out of this we get “Violent Procreation,” a double-bass machine gun gutter punk meets raging guitar metal stomps. Nate Blauvelt stands at the forefront of the band with a PBR-soaked, Bob Seger-meets-Tad baritone growls of hate, leading us and the bands down the valley of slow-motion headbanging solidarity. His words are a slap to the face wake-up call to all of the fucked up things going on in this world. It’s about time a band has come to the forefront from the political and social controversies we currently face and is diligent to analyze and process current affairs. “Violent Procreation” and their debut full length is the reaction.

What is uncanny is that the band, as brutally succinct as they are, have only been in existence for two years. They have taken cues from classic metal and hardcore to blend instant euphoria to fans of the genre. Colin Young and Leo Orozco’s guitar work is stunning as is Anthonie Gonzalex (bass) and Cayle Sain (drums) are to laying down earth-shattering rhythms.

They released a couple of 7” EPs (Divine Injustice in 2013 and Father Inferior in 2015). Mass Murder follows in the footsteps, being brutally honest and transparent in every way. Get ready to have your eyes peeled wide open.

1. Extermination
2. Violent Procreation
3. Mass Murder
4. Father Inferior
5. Crown of Power
6. Righteous Fear
7. Unsound Fury
8. Witness Rejection
9. Benevolent Submission

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