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Act of Defiance Give Indy Some Metal Love!

What better than to spend Valentine’s Day with the alluring metallic serenades of Act of Defiance. That’s right, Act of Defiance is coming to The Headquarters with Muncie’s Hell Came Home to show Indianapolis some extreme metal love. The band, formed by ex-Megadeth members Chris Broderick and Shawn Dover has gone beyond the capabilities Megadeth had to offer and formed a band that has broken the limitation of the metal genre. By doing this the two, along with vocalist Henry Drover (ex-Scar the Martyr frontman) and bassist Matt Bachard (Shadows Fall guitarist), appeal to the metal fan of all kinds. All of this coming from members who are not just professionals in the metal arena but fans, as well.

Recently, the band launched their debut the Birth and the Burial on Metal Blade. No time to screw around nor screw up, this unofficial supergroup blasts into intense technicality and superb musicianship from the first notes that will leave you breathless to an unforgettable finish. And from your first listen, the album dives into a very personal treatise on life and philosophy.

The band took some time to talk about their visit to Indy along with the new album.



Metal Blade

The band is going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day here in Indianapolis. Is this your first time in Indy?

This is the first show in Indy for Act of Defiance, so we are definitely excited about that. Being on the road as much as I have over the years, you tend to miss out on most holidays, but regardless we will be giving the Valentine gift of Heavy Metal to those who attend the show 🙂

This is the second leg in an extensive tour, co-headlining a stint with label mates Allegaeon and a couple end of the year shows with Killswitch Engage, how did that part of the tour go and what were some of the highlights for the band? What do we have to expect from your headlining efforts?

Both the tour with Allegaeon and Killswitch Engage were great fun!!!! With A.O.D doing a headlining run this time out, people can expect a night of 100% HEAVY METAL!!! We are performing the entire “Birth and the burial” record plus a surprise or 2 so it will be a great night of Metal for sure.

Act of Defiance is considered by many to be a supergroup. Do you see the band as that? What defines this band? How does each member bring in their past experience into this group and what do you all do to play on the strengths of each other?

Ya I’ve heard that term but we don’t view A.O.D as any kind of “Supergroup” at all. We are just 4 guys who just want to create Heavy Metal music and go on tour to promote it. Each of us are confident in what we want to accomplish with A.O.D over time so we just hope people who love Metal will dig what we are doing.

Your debut full length, Birth and the Burial came out last year with great fanfare. What was it like making this album? Did you face any challenges?

Looking back now, Chris and I really had quite a daunting task ahead of us when we desided to form A.O.D as we had no band, label, etc. really but we had a master plan and a timeline to get a band together and everything else involved with releasing “Birth and the burial” lucky for us we pulled it all off but it took a lot of hard work. Hearing and reading so many great reviews from the press and fans was the ultimate payoff.

On the front end, this album from the very first song is a testament to uncompromising metal that does not really follow any trend? Did the band go into this to do just that? What were your intentions and looking back how did it all pan out?

The only blueprint Chris and I had was to make a pure METAL record – as long as the songs were all heavy and good that was all that mattered to us. Since we love all forms of metal, we didn’t want to put any musical boundaries I what we were creating and the end result of that is “Birth as the Burial” which we are very proud of

The songs on this album are never strung out like many metal albums possess. Every moment is chock full of muscle and fury with absolutely no filler. Would you consider this an example of the work horse mentality the band is quickly becoming known for?

Yes!!!!! Look, to me anything worth doing should be as good as you can make it, which takes work and time for EVERY song we create. We will always try to make the best Metal records we can, That’s the only way I know how to create music.

Lyrically, this is a personal album whether it is based on experience or perception. What philosophies are you trying to explore with Birth and the Burial?

Each song has different themes and meanings to them, and Henry was a big part of the lyrics process to which He has a unique way of expressing himself which I enjoy. There is no common theme or concept to the record, each song has a different vibe.

With a metal scene growing older, this band exhibits a vitality that does not seem to waiver from the current talks of metal being a dying ember in rock. How do you view that perspective and how do you see the future of metal?

We just do what we do and don’t really worry about what trends or whatever are happening at the time. To try to follow a Musical trend is not something we have any interest In at all. It’s always better to being true to yourself and the band to have any chance of surviving in the music business.

What are the foundations that you feel make up this band?

The foundation with A.O.D is that we all love Heavy Metal music and we all share a bond for wanting to create 100% Metal music. We all want this band to be a long term band and wants to play everywhere we can to promote this band and for the fans of Heavy Metal who want to support us.

What does Act of Defiance have coming up this year?

We finish up this current North American tour in March. We we about to announce a show oversees and we have a tour coming up in June with Hatebreed, as well as I have already been recording ideas for the next A.O.D record so we are keeping very busy.

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