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New Music: Sharks in the Deep End – Shadows in the Sunset

Sharks in the Deep End is ready to drop an atom bomb on the indie scene and “Shadows in the Sunset” is your air raid siren. Killin’ Machine is due out April 22, but thank God we have this roar of a tune to keep us busy.


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Mixed by Grammy nominated engineer Mark Neddham, you can really hear that influence here in “Shadows in the Sunset.” Leaving Texas for Connecticut, the band toned up their skills with producer Dan Drohan (Ang Low and Wilsen). They then treked down to Brooklyn to record before finishing back in Austin at Jim Eno’s Public Hi Fi.

“This was an experimental and eye opening experience,” Jameson recalls. “The approach was wholly new to us and I think resulted in a sound deeper and more layered.

“Most of the songs that make up the record, [Shadows in the Sunset] especially, attempt to deal with how the passage of time affects a relationship and this one poses the question of whether or not it should,” Jameson explains.”How much power should we give time to dictate our choices? [Killin’ Machine] is the direct result of owning our fears and facing them head on.”


Killin’ Machine Track Listing:

01. Love In Reverse
02. Shadows In The Sunset
03. Make It With Me
04. Cherry Blossom
05. Crash Test Doll
06. How Many Reasons
07. Killin’ Machine
08. Loveyoutoo
09. Your Heart Is Changing

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