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Creature Feature—John 5 Is Coming to Indianapolis

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The world is full of great and even spectacular guitar players. What the world is not full of is guitar innovators. These come around much less often and their mark, or their sound, is left for generations to come. Chet Atkins and his finger picking made country music appealing to a broader range of listeners. Chuck Berry, one of the fathers of rock and roll, was unmatched in his soloing and showmanship. Jimi Hendrix, with his overdriven amps and high volume playing redefined the role of the electric guitar. Jimmy Page with his power riffs and unorthodox playing made Zeppelin a household name. Eddie Van Halen changed the face of the rock landscape when “Eruption” and his finger tapping technique caught fire. Joe Satriani shined with his highly technical speed playing. Do you get the point? Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of great players, but only a handful become legendary. A player that all other players aspire to be like. John 5 has earned himself a spot among those that will forever be remembered.


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John 5 can go from metal styling into bluegrass like it is the most natural transition in the world and doing every style in between. He gets sounds out of a guitar that never seem possible. Bending strings above the nut, making his Telecaster scream as he taps the string between his pickups. If there is a sound to be made with a guitar, John 5 will find it. He makes his guitar a living, breathing extension of himself. With eight solo albums, nine if you count the greatest hits (and let’s face it, every album is a greatest hits), John 5 has given us such mind-blowing guitar music that you never miss the very limited vocals.

John 5 and his band, The Creatures, will be at the Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis on March 5. American Bombshell will be opening this evening that will be sure to entertain and delight fans of all styles and genres of music. Having seen John 5 several times with Rob Zombie, I can assure you that he is an entertainer like no other, and I am sure that with his solo show he will take that to the next level. So if you are on the fence about making it out to this show, don’t think about it, just get tickets and come out and see the greatest, at least in my opinion (and I’m sure several others), guitar player alive. After all, who knows when the next innovator of this caliber will come around, so don’t miss this opportunity.

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