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New Music: Risley – Kill The Clock

I love the guitars in this song! It’s that eclectic pop hook that keeps recurring throughout. The guitar sonics are amped to where you can rock out to it but it’s never overbearing It’s not an attractive hook as a few notes get bent out of shape and contorted but that is what makes it memorable. Having the backing of a refreshing rhythm is all the more enlightening. It’s hard not to be overcome by its expressive nature.


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But with Michael Deresh involved, it’s easy to attribute this sorcery to the talent that his experience draws. Deresh has been a fixture in the Portland scene since 1997, recently helping found Tea for Julia with bandmate Travis Stanek. And “Kill The Clock” could easily fit into a 1997 timeframe as it does now. Stanek helps round out the guiding force behind Risley’s music. Add a constant influx of guest musicians and you never know what you may end up with. But after 138 songs in a few short years, expect to be impressed.

Their debut album is released today on Lamplight Records.

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