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Friday Night Video: Bootblacks – Southpole

With their album Veins now out on Manic Depression Records, Bootblacks launch a campaign that includes an invasion of space and a claustrophobic bar all brought about by internal tensions. But this video all coincides to the term Bootblacks, a term coined by William Burroughs to describe the dark underbelly of New York City.

A slight tendency away from the punk aesthetics that have coincided with the band since 2010, the synths dominated throughout this new era of the band. Call it atmosphere, I would say it is definitely brooding.

The band heads out for a European tour:

04/15 – Bermuda3eck Plagwitz – Leipzig
04/16 – Utopia CRK – Wroclaw, Poland
04/17 – Chmury – Warsaw, Poland
04/18 – Plan B – Ostrava, Czech Republic
04/19 – Venster99 – Vienna, Austria
04/20 – AKC Attack – Zagreb, Croatia
04/21 – Sacrestia – Milan, Italy
04/22 – La Quicaillerie – Dijon, France
04/23 – La Mécanique Ondulatoire – Paris
04/24 – TBA – Cologne, Germany
04/25 – TBA – Munster, Germany
04/26 – TBA – Brussels, Belgium
04/27 – TBA – Hamburg, Germany
04/28 – TBA – Potsdam, Germany
04/29 – TBA – Berlin, Germany
* all dates w/ Liste Noire (of Velvet Condom)

Andrew Duncan
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