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Bloodthirsty Virgins – Self-Titled (Scioto Records)

Bloodthirsty Virgins on Selective Memory

Bloodthirsty Virgins’ Debut Is An Alluring Gothic Dreamscape

Bloodthirsty Virgins is like a scene out of a film. The solace sought inside a dilapidated movie theater. This landmark is not an escape from whatever conflict has arose, nor is it catalyst for a happy ending, but it buys time to grasp at reality in a realm where reality is fabricated. This debut album is a romantic notion of focus and yearning. Hope all you want, there is nothing that can save you in this alternative reality. But it is also nothing that I expected from this group. From the mere presence of the title, you can conceive many possibilities. Do they exist in the metal realm? Is this some kind of gothic concoction? The later is not perceived in the traditional sense.

This band is not the next Concrete Blonde nor are they on the level of Elysium Field. Nikki Wonder is on her own plane of existence that lies somewhere between her jazz vocal training and her punk leanings, fronting Columbus punk band Jack Neat.

Bloodthirsty Virgins presents dissilusionment, surrounding rich lyrical writing with carefully disciplined musical seduction. Hypnotic may seem cliche, but it is the descriptive thought that re-appears throughout the album. “In the End” begins like an apocalyptic vision of disdain through attractive guitar-driven allure. Instead of facing these end times, Wonder turns to candlelight contemplation on “Empty.” It’s similar to the feeling of listening to Marquee Moon in a dark bedroom.

Naturalism emits from this album. It may not make for the most dynamic and driven performance, but that would seem forced and what she sings is genuine. The listener can feel it in the music. “The Want of You” is one half spaghetti western and one half Marlene Dietrich in “Der Blaue Engel.”

“The Skin” is even more poignant, showing the drive this band possesses. With a title as vicious as Bloodthirsty Virgins you would expect the knife to cut deeper, but the revenge from this song is a quiet justice.

“Virginia of My Dreams” does a fantastic job at wrapping the album up. Like a twinkling-starlit night, uncertainty is their closing statement as we follow them into a galaxy of thought.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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