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Darko – Hiraeth

Darko releases new single for upcoming album

Darko releases Bonsai Mammoth, February 3 via Bird Attack Records in the United States, Lockjaw Records in the United Kingdom, and Torch Of Hope in Japan. Get ready for the roar because the group just released a video for “Hiraeth.”

The video features the group in their raw nature. Darko performs at the breakneck speed you come to expect. The visual editing only pushes the track further. It’s great to watch these group of guys do exactly what they do best, perform hardcore punk with stunning realism.

Trending is the push for a resurgence of punk rock in pop culture as a counterbalance between our social and political climate. Bonsai Mammoth may not be a direct attack, but the band’s forward-thinking principles pushes the ideas along and they are ready create that outlet.

Darko on Selective Memory

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