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Balto – Lost on the Young

Balto on Selective Memory

Balto launches “Lost on the Young” in anticipation for new album

Balto will release their new album, Strangers, February 24, on Total Reality Meltdown. Ahead of the release, the Portland band launched “Lost on the Young” to the Internet world.

Frontman Daniel Sheron sheds light on the song. “We wanted to open the record with a song that could set the tone for the whole thing – charge hard into the groove and then take a breath, mellow out, sit back into the pocket, and then smash again. Thematically, I think it introduces a subject matter that we unpack throughout the rest of the album.”

“Lost on the Young” is like a flotation device for ‘70s classic rock. The song drifts by with guitars paddling along. “Come with me,” sings Sheron as the song opens up for glorious possibilities. Blink once and you might consider the song to be typical rock, but dammit if it is not inspiring enough to keep it going. When the keys collide with guitars, you know you are onto a gem of a song. By the time the song wanders off into a modest jam, you will nod in appreciation. It is exactly the feeling you want to tap into with Balto’s music because “Lost on the Young” shows why classic rock is classic.

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