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The Bombpops – Fear of Missing Out (Fat Wreck Chords)

The Bombpops on Selective Memory

The Bombpops debut set to be released on Fat Wreck Chords, February 10

Fear of Missing Out may be The Bombpops‘ debut album, but these collection of songs serve more as a retrospective. Since 2007, the band has been waiting for this day, but life happened.

Between then and now, the band has had extensive lineup changes that included three drummers and six bassists. Then came an opportunity for their debut to progress with frontman Tony Sly from No Use For A Name. In 2012, Sly passed away which unintentionally left the band at a standstill.

It is not like The Bombpops did not release anything in these ten years. There were two white hot EPs that included the intense hyper-punk song “Outta Hand.” The song garnered a 15-minute film from the band that is still worth the watch.

But let’s get back to the story. Plans for the debut stalled again when vocalist and guitarist Poli van Dam became pregnant. According to the band, it only formed a better bond between each other and a chance to build up momentum for when the time did come to record.

The group, consisting of Dam and co-frontwoman Jen Razavi, bassist Neil Wayne and drummer Josh Lewis, became the winning combination that saw this album through. It may have taken a decade to breathe life into this work, but it took two weeks to immortalize them.

What we get from Fear of Missing Out is two-sides of the spectrum: the intense punk that will blow your hair back and poppy elements to contrast styles. The two share common elements including a drive in both to keep things from feeling flacid or plastic. These songs also show the chops that have grown from experience.

When you have this much power and prowess in one song (I am referencing “CA in July”), you cannot help but feel pure inundated West Coast pop punk. You hear Razavi and van Dam’s vocal harmonies, the smell of skate shops, and all the bands the led up to this moment come rushing in. It’s that defining slice of pie that balances technicality with emotion.

But what is even more ferocious is the atom bomb that is “I Can’t.” It is an excellent all around punk song fueled by anger, aggression and one roaring guitar solo. “Brake Lights” is as immediate as you can get, singing about life in the moment. The group is caught between mortality and motion. It makes them play faster, and the vortex makes us want them to play faster.

With Fear of Missing Out, the band is at home in this element. A natural division between members while complimenting each of the four, it seems like the band has finally found its strength within each other. Good things come to those who wait and this debut is worth the build up.

The Bombpops on Selective Memory

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