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Grandaddy – Way We Won’t

After 10 years, Grandaddy returns with Last Place and video for “Way We Won’t”

It has been a decade since we have heard new music from Grandaddy, but the wait si finally over. They have finally reformed to put out Last Place. It is their new album due out March 3 on 30th Century Records. In anticipation for the release the band shared their new video, “The Way We Won’t.”

This is the Grandaddy that we need in our life, and a song like this makes us ecstatic the band is back. The song hums with psychedelic buzz and pouncing pop that jangles as much as it bomps. Jason Lytle comments on the album as having “just enough personal stuff and just enough escapism, just enough electronics and just enough acoustic elements. The full spectrum.”

The video features actor Jason Ritter underneath a canopy of a desert heat. Hitchhiking does not work out for him as he uncomfortably faces the reality of the human condition. The longer you watch, the more you feel uncomfortable in the video’s conditions. Even a man on a segway cannot save him until the girl shows up here to save the day . . . or, is she?

A mixture of found sounds with poignant harmonics and unruly electronics finding spontaneous order with the apocalyptic visions from the band. The band is trying to embrace the 10-year gap through their own stylistic complexities. They do just fine.

Grandaddy on Selective Memory

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