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Rykka – Runnin’ Away

Rykka unleashes video for the heavy pop jam “Runnin’ Away”

I am not an avid listener of Top 40 style pop music, but I can attest to being a casual admirer of its aesthetic. Digging deep into the alcove of pop intricacies, my expertise does not equip me with those advanced techniques. But I do know what I like, and Rykka’s “Runnin’ Away” is one of them.

Rykka’s views on Top 40 pop is neutralized by easy-flowing music and digestable lyrics. “Runnin’ Away” is a free-spirited romp with some of the more awe-inspiring bass that is not Hip Hop or some distinct subgenre of electronic music.

Like the song, the video is easy on the eyes, mostly showcasing Rykka in various elements of back country life, be it glitzed-up to dance inside a barn or roam the countryside in the back of a classic automobile. These images come from her farm in Switzerland and gives an organic feel despite being out of place (back up dancers and fancy necklaces). But the honesty overrides her trying to throw many cliches into her pop.

At first, I left thinking to myself that I don’t want to listen to it. But I came back. . Maybe it’s the fact she says “Whoopie,” in her song. Who says “whoopie” these days? Then I felt less restrained. Then I came back again. And now I find myself gravitated to the music. Like many things in this song, Rykka smooths everything together in that perfect pop blend. That is when you get past the bass.

Rykka on Selective Memory

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