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Selective Memory Exclusive: Bloodthirsty Virgins – In The End

Bloodthirsty Virgins release video for “In The End”

Still high from their recently well-received self-titled album on Scioto Records (our review can be found here), Bloodthirsty Virgins release the video for “In The End.” The song is a mysterious sway to the dusty bottles of back bar mythos and six-string stand offs. Only the strong survive or so we think. According to them, no one will be standing at the end of the night. And with Nikki Wonder’s hypnotic vocal magic, you may just agree.

The video was inspired by the final duel scene in Once Upon A Time in the West. The motive behind this song is revenge, and we are the ones who sit idly by, celebrating the justice of fate. Karma may be predominate factor, but the video presents a duality. For us we relive that time when we were too drunk at that bar, losing control with the night. Are we the villain or the hero? Who’s to say at that point.

Wonder elaborates deeper on the video’s construction.

“In The End” was inspired by the final duel scene in the 1968 film, Once Upon A Time In The West. The villain, Frank, finally meets his end, killed by the man he tortured as a child and whose family he had killed. The concept that everyone meets with justice in the end – its a karmic idea. I was thinking about this and the hook came to me – “everybody gets it in the end.” Its so true. Most assholes eventually get whats coming, just usually not before they cause as much damage as possible.

“The video concept was a collaboration with the the videographer Jon Ebright. He offered shooting the film 2.5 times faster than the normal recording speed to get a dreamy slo-mo effect. It meant a lot of hilarious lip syncing and high energy from all the amazing extras. We asked the owners at Dick’s Den, an historic jazz venue in Columbus, if we could use their location. We invited all of our weird and wonderful friends to show up for filming. I think the extras are the most compelling and interesting part of the video. They are all so sexy and dangerous and belong in a David Lynch film!”

bloodthirsty virgins on selective memory

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