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Chances – Shine

Montreal’s Chances releases first single, “Shine”

Montreal’s Chances releases their first single, “Shine,” and it is a joyful celebration. A song that will build in momentum as you travel through it. This pop delicacy swirls around your head in formulaic splendor. Creatively spawned, the song spans a wide-open landscape of broad-based electronic discoveries.

Chloé Lacasse and Geneviève Toupin’s vocals mix and match elegantly like a subtle cantata built on an exclusionary sense that this could be nestled in a world music framework. The way the drums interplay and the roving rhythms contribute to this. When they sing, “Melodies haunt the wild,” this is the pièce de résistance to solidify this claim.

For Chances, the open-aired collaboratory effort worked in their favor.  They create and develop something that could have taken them in all directions. Instead, they landed on the stylistic measures of “Shine.” Just under a year old, look out for more things to come from this band.

Chances on Selective Memory

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