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Jakuzi – Koca Bir Saçmalık

Jakuzi channels the past on vhs-quality video

I remember being a kid on a family vacation trip. Staying at some random hotel, late at night, somewhere between a cable channel and pure snow lied the cathode ray imprint of a porn channel. You tried so hard for it to come in just a little more clear but in the end you settled for whatever you could get. Was that a boob? No, it was an arm. Dammit! Ah, puberty!

That is how Jakuzi’s video for “Koca Bir Saçmalık” starts out. The other end of the pubescent spectrum for me was being consoled in the synthwave sounds of the ‘80s, trying hard to be misunderstood and making sure that the other kids knew just how misunderstood I was. For this video, it harnesses the best of both worlds.

I’m not sure if Jakuzi is trying hard to replicate the past or just complimenting it through their own means. Either way, it’s a glorious homage that focuses more on a duo—Kutay Soyocak on vocals and Taner Yücel on bass and synths— that is really good at what they do. The video resurrects antique effects like a romantic gesture.

Where does this do for contemporary Turkish music? A product of an underground scene, will Jakuzi send more bands spiraling backwards with forward-thinking possibilities? If so, these two will be standing out like the outcasts they portray themselves to be. 100k plus people can’t be wrong or at least that’s what the video view count is up to.

The band is set to release their debut album, Fantezi Müzik in March 24th, 2017.

Jakuzi on Selective Memory

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