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wars – We Are Islands, After All (Spinefarm Records)

wars on selective memory

UK’s wars battles the senses from the head to the heart in new album

There has always been a war brewing. It’s the longest war we as humans have fought. It is not a battle between countries nor it is with ethnicity, social, or religious virtue. It is the war within us. Consider it a civil war between the mind and the heart. Who wins? The north or the south? Whose to say, but Rugby, UK band wars have been fighting in the frontlines since 2015. Don’t they know they will lose no matter whose side they are on?

Depending on the conflict and depending on the issue, wars provides an intense hypothesis into the treatise that sides sometimes with a vicious metal attack or melodic hardcore expressions.

The band utilizes conflict to their advantage and extrapolates confusion and chaos to a glorious fury. “Still Waters Run Deep” is a fantastic example. No time wasted, the band fires from deep within and spews out so much power and energy, you either have to follow or get the fuck out of the way.

If you can get past the rage, the beet-red faces and the bulging veins from clinched fists, you will find lyrical contemplation. We Are Islands, After All on Spinefarm is a catalyst for ideas to be talked about and shared. They hold a distinct power within itself. The music and muscle is just there for accentuation.

“Soul-Sick” builds a deep metaphysical bridge into the unknown. “Hailing Distance” tries to look at problems that do not have clear-cut answers. Their release becomes your release, a serenity in a garbled up world. What wars does is provide an escape and a feeling of community. The war can be confusing, and it can be bloody. But wars provides an outlet if nothing more but simply to understand and engage.

wars on selective memory

Andrew Duncan
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