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TenFiveSixty – You Say

TenFiveSixty bring a sense of the unknown into their synth-heavy new song “You Say”

TenFiveSixty has that sound you can feel close to. It’s something that we can wrap our arms around. These are songs we have all experienced. Driving into the night with the warm glow of dashboard lights. Staring at the moon with the echoing of guitars being plucked out like heartbeats. The crash of ocean waves sing a song like a mantra to love under a neon synth blur.

That is what “You Say” does. “You say, you love me like the ocean,” Jen Devereux sings. Her voice engulfs you with a mysterious confidence. You have to have a degree of trust to succumb to the pulsating beats of the rhythm. The song presents an intimacy between guitars and synths and a combination of the two only gives us pure delight in their creativity.

The UK band will be releasing their upcoming EP on March 31.

Andrew Duncan
Dug out from a pile of zines and hot sauce, Andrew Duncan has contributed to many publications through the years, including Chord and work with the ever so spunky Readyset...Aesthetic! He now resides deep within your membrane.

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