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Night Ranger – Don’t Let Up (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

Night Ranger on Selective Memory

Night Ranger returns with their 12th release of all new material, due out March 24

If you have been keeping tabs in the past 35 years, Night Ranger has been a consistent force etching in the history of rock and roll some of the most viable songs and tours imagined. Don’t Let Up celebrates their 12th release. With all new material, the band pushes the boundaries of rock. It took me by surprise just how hard their hard rock presents on this all new material release.

The band transcends the arena rock sound into a more gritty guitar-driven album. Guitar-driven, you say? That’s primarily everything Night Ranger as done. However, Don’t Let Up may be their heaviest album to date. Brad Gillis and Keri Kelly’s guitarwork is at its finest when they work together and accentuate each other. From the low end crunch to the high-flying solo work saturating this album, the two dominate. Not too far off the path from 2014’s High Road, this album is more amplified in every way.

“Truth” shows off the versatility of the band in both the rock and pop spectrum. It is the best thing this band has written since their ‘80s heyday. The choral melodies between Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy are phenomenal. The music here puts the song on a higher level. “Truth” proves that they can keep up with the times while maintaining the quality Night Ranger is known for.

Probably the most “arena” rock of the album is the opener and first single for the album. “Somehow Someway” pushes the drive and power this band has to create a rock song that stands on its own. It’s a well-rounded sound that will blow your hair back.

Night Ranger – Somehow Someway Official Audio

And “Somehow Someway” is a great representation to the muscle of this album. I kept waiting for that Night Ranger ballad or “Sentimental Street” sincerity. Towards the later half of the album, I thought I would get it with “We Can Work It Out.” It starts off lukewarm but gets white hot as the song goes. Even here, the band amps up their work, pushing it beyond ballad status. So maybe I don’t get that “Sister Christian” vibe and there may not be a lot of deviation in the songs. However, Don’t Let Up is a rock and roll scorcher.


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